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Quality tree services with lowest price in and around Portland Oregon. Over 27 years experience in the tree service industry. Fully Licensed Bonded and Insured. We have a lot of experience from dangerous removals with cranes in tight areas to small ornamental and fruit pruning. At Arbor Art Tree Service we love and care about the trees in our community.

We are always honest with our customers. We will not tell you a tree is dangerous just to get a big removal job. We will assess the tree and help you decide if there is something to do to save the tree. We are here to help you make the right choices to insure your trees are well maintained to increase the life of your trees. By the way, my name is Jason Paden. I am the owner and operator of Arbor Art Tree Service. License information, CCB number 205637. Before you decide to hire tree services. Be sure you check information at Oregon Contractor Board for licensed and insurance and history of company. You need the guy who has licensed and Insurance to work in your property, also check permits policy at city especially street tree removal & trimming in Portland area.

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Quality Tree Services,Low Price Free Quotes 503-252-6103

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Arbor Art Tree Service llc CCB#205637

Trees Care services in Portland Oregon

Why Hire Us? 6 reasons to hire us

1. We are Licensed Bonded and Insurance. This is important for tree service to work in your property, tree work is dangerous job. In our services the most important is safety. Be sure you hire people that have Licensed Insured and Bonded by checking ccb number at Oregon Contractor Board for protected yourself from hazard.

2. Experience & Safety. It is important too to hire tree services that have high experience with good history on business.

Our service has high experience with over 20 years in any kind of tree work, dangerous removals without damage. With quality services and high experience you can trust us to take care your tree in your property with complete satisfaction. We have great references available upon request.

3. Lowest price in the street. Our services price are lowest than other competitor. Our services have many options for customer to choose, we work by hour rate (call for more information) too and we do not goof around for just want big money, always work fast to get the job done. With quality work lowest price, safety and licensed bonded insured, why hire somebody else? Call us to day for free estimates.

4. Our personalized , our service treat customer & trees like a family. Our service not good mention scary sale but we are friendly honest and we happy to help people, by the way we come out to give customer a free estimates, first listen what customer want and give the best advice to take care customer trees for long-term healthy & life also save your big money.

5. Equipment and material. We used the best equipment in services for best results to get the job done.

6. Full services, all phases of tree work from small to big removals. No Job Too Big or Too Small.

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