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Why my trees need to be pruned?

Early fall, pruning wounds close more slowly and plants are more at risk for fungal diseases than at other times of years. Most trees, the best time for major pruning is late winter to early spring because wounds close faster.

The late summer and early fall, pruning tree may also stimulate new growth, which has little time to harden before cold weather comes, the cold can harm this tender new growth. The tree may need more pruning in spring to remove the damage.

Pruning in fall you need to wait until tree drop their leaves and are dormant, usually October or November. After leaf drop, you can identify disease & insect and structure problem in your tree more easily. Especially late winter and early spring is also a good time to prune evergreens because vigorous spring growth will hide pruning wounds.

Transplant a small tree in next spring, late fall (October/November) is a good time for root pruning. This pruning technique stimulates new root growth at the cuts and help a newly transplanted tree get established in its new location.

One exception to the no fall pruning advise is safety and your tree get healthy, you might need remove dead, diseased and damaged wood as soon as possible after pruning your tree especially in fall. Take proper safety precautions at all times.

Be sure you hire professional tree services to remove big limbs, high branches, hang over your house, tight area, over fence and other tree job that you’re not prepares to do.

Why my trees need to be trimmed?

Some trees need to trim every year but some trees don't, such as evergreens rarely require pruning as long as they are healthy, but other benefit from annual trims. Before hacking away at branches, you should consider each tree’s needs to keep pruning to a minimum and maintain the tree’s health.

Training,transplant a young tree, you may need to trim or remove branches to train the tree in desired shape. This can help establish a central leader, make the tree grow tall and straight instead of sideways or worse yet, as a bush like plant with several stems on top. Even deciduous trees that rarely require pruning in later years often need guidance to establish a healthy, attractive structure in their first months of life.

Trees health, diseases, broken branches and insect infestations can wreak havoc on a tree ’s health. Theses problems render swift pruning necessity for the tree’s survival. You should remove broken branches after storms and cut off infected limbs to prevent the spread of disease. This also ensures that the tree’ energy goes to healthy parts of the tree, rather than being wasted on branches that are about to die.

Aesthetics, light trims help a tree maintain a pleasing shape and rid it of unsightly branches.

Though extensive pruning is hard on tree health. Pruning also encourage new sprouts, which can make a tree look more robust. The late winter pruning job inspires new growth that appears just in time for spring.

Hazard, some tree grow to large that they hang over neighbors ‘fences, spread into intersections and threaten to engulf electrical wires. In these cases, you need to perform extensive trims for safety purpose. Never prune your tree near electric al wires without professional help.

Why my trees need to be removed?

Trees need to be removed if infected by disease or infected with some insects. Possibly a tree growing too closed to foundation, sidewalks or drive ways may be pushing up cement. Other hazard could be split trees that have may be been hit by lighting, dead trees or tree with bad root systems.

The Deadly hardwood Tree Diseases

1.Armillaria Root Diseases 2.Oak Wilt 3.Anthracnose Diseases 4.Dutch Elm Diseases 5.American Chestnut Blight.

Topping trees, topping trees can hurt trees in many ways such as make a tree death, unsafe structure, decline in health,ugliness, valve, insect and disease . We don't advice you to topping your tree, for keep your tree long-term healthy and long-term life stay away from topping.

Do I need a permits? If you live in Portland,Lake Oswego, West Linns you need a permits , If you want to trim street tree or removed you also need a permits. Be sure to check information with the city first because without the permits can cause you a big money.

Where to plant ? Plants deciduous trees facing southeast and southwest for summer shade and winter sun, plant a row evergreen trees or shrubs bush to block winter winds and stay clear from power lines.

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